The goal of the presentation

The goal of the presentation is to describe the problem and the corresponding solution of computer cooling systems.

The problem

Our computer systems require enormous amounts of power, most of which is converted to heat while they are in use. Fun fact: A typical computer processor produces more heat per square cm (W/cm^2) than an electric iron! This isn't a huge problem in a personal environment, however the problem quickly grows out of proportion on a corporate scale. Giant server farms produce an enormous amount of dissipated energy and their cooling systems can never (ever!) fail because of the priceless data stored within.

To ensure constant temperatures within data centers redundant air conditioning systems are used thus wasting even more energy!

The solution

We have envisioned and created a system that can automatically regulate the amount of power used by the air conditioning systems in order to ensure temperatures within the preset limits while minimizing the amount of power used by the cooling systems.

Of course we understand the necessity of manual control, that's why Eneraptor allows human input through a Human Machine Interface, conveniently accessible through a web browser from anywhere in the world.

The Human Machine Interface

Our system is accessible through a web portal where one can:

  • Control the system parameters,
  • inspect the current state of the system and the surrounding world,
  • manually adjust the actions being taken,
  • inspect the history of the system in a simple, reader friendly form.

A scalable solution

We thought of several additional problems one might encounter such as:

  • large areas where one control unit isn't sufficient,
  • a large number of measuring or air conditioning devices and
  • the geographical dispersion of data centers,

and we have attempted to encapsulate solutions to all of them in our Human Machine Interface.

Manufacturers support

We have thought about the interaction between our system and the working commercial solutions - the air conditioning systems. We wanted to create a system where a air conditioning manufacturer could support our system by providing simple device manager programs for their hardware. We can see a opportunity for beneficial partnerships between our system and hardware manufacturers - the supported hardware would be additionally advertised as green while our supported hardware list would grow with no cost to the Eneraptor system.

Proof of concept - the simulation results

<to do>

Technical details

<to do, discuss the level of details we are willing to go into>

Vision for the future

Our solution is a work in progress. Even while developing this version of the system we have discovered several possible improvements. We welcome all input and will continue to polish our product to satisfy the needs of potential users.