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h2. Nekaj predlogov učnih načrtov

h2. [[Predlogi Predlogi učnih načrtov za osnovno šolo, srednjo šolo]] šolo in univerzo.

h2. [[Predlogi učnih načrtov za univerzo]]

h2. [[Učni
Učni načrti za učitelje CS / ICT]] ICT

h3. Jan Berki, Technical University of Liberec, CZ

We have a structured programm for ICT teacher. This is information of ECTS Label:
* [[]]
* [[]]
* [[]]

h3. Gerald Futschek, University of Vienna & Vienna University of Technology (TU-Wien):

* Informatics Teacher Education:
> * TU-Wien: [[]]
> * TU-Wien: [[]]
* Master "Informatics Didactics":
> * TU-Wien: [[]]
> * University of Salzburg: [[
]]> * University of Linz: [[]]
> * University of Innsbruck: [[]]
> * University of Klagenfurt: [[]]
>* Graz University of Technology: [[]] (english)

Most of the above links are in German language.

In Vienna the two studies "Informatics Teacher Education" and "Informatics Didactics" are offered at Vienna University of Technology as well as at University of Vienna. Both universities have exactly the same curriculum and a very close cooperation to maintain the studies.

h3. Ahto Truu, University of Tartu, Finland:

The official name of the programme is "Teacher of Computer Studies". Graduates get the "Master of Arts in Education" degree. Precondition for entering is a Bachelor's degree (in any subject, as far as I know; but there is a requirement on the minimal amount of informatics/CS courses taken as part of the BSc/BA programme).

The database at: [[!tere.tulemast?leht=OK.BL.PU&sessioon=0&naita_oppematerjale=1&id_a_oppekava=3728]] has some bits in English also, and I'm afraid that's the most I can offer at the moment.

h2. Zanimivi naslovi

* How are students learning programming in a post-Basic world? [[]]
* Report Recommends Ways to Improve K-12 STEM Education. National Academy of Sciences (06/23/11), [[]]