Predlogi učnih načrtov za osnovno šolo srednjo šolo

CSP - Computer Science Principles (new AP course being developed) [[]]
ECS – Exploring Computer Science – [[]]
and CS videos:

  • Velika Britanija

AQA GCSE Computer Science [[]]
Computing at School Working Group: Computer Science: Curriculum for schools [[]]
Statutory guidance - National curriculum in England: computing programmes of study [[]]

  • Avstrija: in Primary Education (grade 1-4) no informatics topic and no informatics curriculum. Even in lower secondary education we have no mandadory informatics education and no curriculum. But many schools develop their own curriculum and offer informatics education in lower secondary schools (grade 5-8). To standardize these developments a so called "digital competences" framework is now developed to define the skills and knowledge at end of grade 8 ([[]]).

A synopsis about CS education in the 16 German countries: [[]]
Requirements for the high school graduation exams in CS in North Rhine Westphalia: [[]]

Here is some information about what is the "technology" education in Grades 1-8 (ages 6-13) [[]]. You will notice that there is absolutely nothing related to informatics, or even computers. What is especially disturbing to me is page 20, which has the "technology" grid of topics, which seem very "science based" in grades 6,7,8.
For grades 10-12, there is the actual Computer Science curriculum: [[]].