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This is a comment on posting in LinkedIn [[]].

More on CS (or Informatics) education one can read in EURYDICE report ([[]]). The bottom line is that in more or less all EU countries Informatics is in one or other form a mandatory content in K12 education but not in Slovenia.

Let us draw some lines about the guerilla situation in Slovenia:

  • in 2019 the minister of education re-establishes the RINOS with a task to prepare an action plan to introduce Informatics in Slovenian K12 education.
  • in October 2019 the draft action plan including financial construction and timetable was presented to the minister of education, and CPI ([[]]) and ZRSŠ ([[]]) were instructed to respond by November 11th with a detail timetable; CPI responded, ZRSŠ did not.

Guerilla activities continue.

  • in 2023 Ministry of education publishes call for experimental K12 Informatics education in Slovenia based on the RINOS framework. So far there will be two such projects (the third is yet to be prepared): B-RIN at the University of Primorska (PEF, FAMNIT, ...) covers kindergarten and first 5 grades; and KATARINA at the University of Ljubljana, FRI that covers high school. Both, if we are in topic of AI, will cover also them.

If you noticed, a lot of things are going on in Slovenia, but vast majority of them are like a guerilla activities without governmental systematic involvement. Moreover, since the minister for digital transformation publicly announced that she is against informatics as a mandatory subject (like in Slovakia, etc.), the guerilla seems to be the only way.