Presentation summary

Eneraptor : making your data center greener on a low budget

Power consumption has always been a problem and in recent years it has become evident that we all have to do our part in minimizing our consumption. In our contribution we concentrate on power use and dissipation in data centres where we feel more could be achieved. Minimization of the power needed by the servers themselves is already a known problem within the scientific community, we have focused our efforts on the redundant cooling systems.

We have designed a system "Eneraptor" that monitors and controls power consumption of the air conditioning system and adapts utilization of all avaliable devices according to real time changes in the surrounding world.

Our system combines a hardware module for taking measurements and triggering actions combined with an user interface that is accessible through a web browser through which authorized personnel can control all system parameters. We have thought about the need for modularization and upgradability of the system. A number of hardware modules can be operated within the system, which in turn can take control of several measuring sensors and device controllers thus ensuring the scalability of our system.

We hope our system can be used to minimize dissipated energy in already power hungry data centers thus creating a greener future.