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Toggle check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
8FeatureResolvedNormalA working archive and archive managmentJanez Barbic11.01.2011 15:37
2FeatureNewNormalDefine and implement basic parts25.11.2010 21:39
4FeatureNewNormalSuccesfully compile and run a test program on ARM925.11.2010 21:39
5FeatureNewNormalEstablish "the logic"25.11.2010 21:41
6FeatureNewNormalCreate function specifications25.11.2010 21:42
7FeatureNewNormalImplement the applications11.01.2011 15:37
9FeatureNewNormalDefine the GUI and other I/O elements25.11.2010 21:51
10FeatureNewNormalConnect external hardware to ARM925.11.2010 21:52
11FeatureNewNormalFinalize a working version of the system (live or as a simulation)25.11.2010 21:53
12FeatureNewNormalPrepare the presentation25.11.2010 21:54


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