Initial Wishlist

User documentation

- temperature
- air pressure
- light sensor
- querry for hydro-meteorological data from ARSO
- energy consumption

- opening/closing passageways
- managing air conditioners
- keeping the staff informed of irregular/critical status
- emergency shutdown of entire computer system (due to overheating,...)
- managing window blinds

Control and managment:
- manualy triggering "Actions"
- logging Measurments
- database of Actions and Measurments
- viewing database entries
- statistics
- comparing results with initial measurments

Basic timeline:

by 7.12.2010:
- succesfully compile and run a test program on ARM9
- establish "the logic"
- create function specifications

by 1.1.2011:
- a working archive and archive managment
- defining the GUI and other I/O elements
- connecting external hardware to ARM9 (sensor and all that fancy stuff)

by 1.2.2011:
- finalizing a working version of the system (live or as a simulation)

by 20.2.2011:
- prepairing the presentation

Key parts of the project:
- Activating ARM9 with a working OS (Vanč)
- The logic (David)
- Archive and statistics (Janez)
- Human Control Interface (Aleks)
- Presentation and documentation (Martin, David)


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